Lay the Best

Sod Truck Farm Truck

Sod roll size options

  • Big rolls start at 35 yard rolls and go in 5 yard increments up to a 50 yard roll

          - 42" Wide Rolls


  • Small rolls available by appointment only

          - 21" Wide Rolls

          - Able to be installed by hand

          - Come stacked on a pallet

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Choose Exceptionally High-Quality Sod

Family-owned and operated since 2003.

  • Rapidly recovers from injury

  • Drought tolerant

  • Shade tolerant

  • Salt tolerant

  • Wear tolerant

  • Good overall disease resistance

  • Delivery available

Discover the characteristics of our 5-way bluegrass blend

  • Dark green color

  • High density

  • High sod strength

  • Early Spring green-up

  • Stays green longer

  • Aggressive

  • Quickly fills in

Rely on Olson Sod Farms LLC for all of your sodding needs. Whether you're looking for sod for your residential landscape, commercial property, golf course or athletic field, our outstanding 5-way bluegrass blend thrives in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and North Dakota, ensuring it is a strong and beautiful product.


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